Current Students

I am fortunate to work with a group of outstanding students.

  • Ph.D. Students: 
    • Xiong (Leo) Fan, 
    • Joshua Gancher (co-advised with Greg Morrisett), 
    • Yue Guo, 
    • Ahmed Kosba (co-advised with Babis Papamanthou), 
    • Wei-Kai Lin, 
    • Kartik Nayak (co-advised with Jonathan Katz)
  • Postdocs:  Iddo Bentov, Mu Zhang, Antigoni Polychroniadou (co-advised with Rafael Pass), Ilan Komargodski (co-advised with Rafael Pass)


Past Students

  • Ph.D. Students: 
  • Postdocs: 
    • Fenghao Liu (now Assistant Professor at Florida Atlantic University)
    • Qiang Tang (now Assistant Professor at NJIT)
  • Visiting Student:  Muhammad Naveed (now Assistant Professor at USC)
  • Undergraduate students: 
    • Kevin Delmolino
    • Mitchell Arnett
    • Max DePalma
    • Yehuda Katz (now Ph.D. student at UMD)
    • Moshe Katz (now Ph.D. student at UMD)
    • Kevin Seqniki (now Ph.D. student at Cornell)
    • Travis Finkenauer (now Ph.D. student at UMich)
    • Yali Li
    • Steven Sosnick
    • Ashley Thomas
  • Master Students:  Vivek Gaddam, Jeff Tian
  • High-school students: Dennis Yang, Christine Jean, and Jared Marx-Kuo.


Students mentored as interns or in an unofficial capacity: Numerous